GM stops production in Oshawa because of strike in the United States

The assembly of vehicles is suspended until further notice at the General Motors (GM) plant in Oshawa, Ontario, due to the strike of the automaker’s workers in the United States.

“Plans are to resume production as soon as possible, when the US [UAW] strike will be resolved,” says GM Canada.

Only molding of some parts will continue in Oshawa in the meantime, GM says.

The assembly line of the Silverado vans was already out of forced labor since Tuesday, for lack of parts.

The labor dispute in the United States subsequently disrupted the assembly of Oshawa Chevrolet Equinox SUVs, said Unifor union earlier this week.

A total of 2,600 Ontario union members are affected by the suspension of production, according to Unifor.

National union president Jerry Dias said on Wednesday that he expected GM workers in St. Catharines, who produce engines for the automaker’s US plants, to be hit in turn by the end of the year. week and those of Ingersoll (CAMI), “within a week”, if the strike continues in the United States.

Spokesman Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, on Thursday expressed the government’s concern over the potential impact of the strike on GM’s operations in the province. Gibson said the minister has spoken with GM Canada’s CEO and the government continues to have regular dialogue with corporate executives as it closely monitors the situation. We remain optimistic for a quick resolution that will limit any additional impact on Ontario’s auto industry , he added.

First strike in 10 years for GM

Nearly 50,000 GM US workers, members of the United Auto Workers Union (UAW), have been on strike since Sunday night.

Among the issues in dispute: wages, health care and job security.

GM’s American workers last disengaged for two days in 2007. Another strike in 1998 lasted 54 days.

Union members in Oshawa continue to be paid, despite the current work stoppage.

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