Major Canadian Franchise Drops Beyond Meat

They say the chain’s decision should not have a negative impact on Beyond Meat, a California-based company.

For JoAnne Labrecque, a marketing professor at HEC Montréal, the chain may have reacted too quickly by adopting this type of product. “It was really to follow the vegan trend,” she says. Their basic clientele is a coffee and lunch clientele. They may have gone fast. ”

Like A&W who launched the Beyond Meat Burger, the donut-coffee duo specialist had also decided to jump into the fray at the beginning of the summer by displaying on their menu a breakfast sandwhich with egg cheese and a vegetable sausage. In all, there are five vegetable protein products that the chain has added to its offer.

It was perhaps a mistake, analyzes Isabelle Charron, president of Agéco, consulting firm specializing in economic studies in the agri-food sector. “It’s more of a product branding problem,” she says. At Tim Hortons, people go there to read the newspaper. Their proposal was less in harmony with their usual offer. There are issues of coherence. We can think they did it [to follow] a trend.”

For now, establishments continue to display and highlight Beyond Meat sandwiches. On the website of the channel, it indicates that these are products offered for a limited time.

Return of Beyond Meat?

For its part, the chain, which announced Wednesday it would stop selling plant products – except in British Columbia and Ontario – did not rule out the possibility of reappearing in the future Beyond Meat sandwiches in some restaurants for a limited time, wrote spokeswoman Sara McConnell, in an email sent to La Presse .

The success of Beyond Meat cookies, however, is not compromised by this decision in the supermarket or at the counter of A & W, says Isabelle Charron. “The bottom line, she’s here to stay,” she says. There is a growing population that is turning to alternative proteins. ”

Football and Beyond Meat

In Saskatchewan, vegetable cakes do not seem to be unanimous. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have recently apologized to cattle producers in the province after an A & W ad showed fans of the football team, proudly wearing their jerseys, enjoying a Beyond Meat Burger outside the stadium, reports an article in the Globe and Mail . We wanted to dissociate ourselves from any agricultural enterprise.

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